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Hernandez Repair And Maintenanc - Painter in Lubbock 5 Painter at 5121 69th Street Building B, Lubbock, TX 79424, USA . Here you will see detailed information about
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Hernandez Repair And Maintenanc

Hernandez Repair And Maintenanc

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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM





5121 69th Street Building B, Lubbock, TX 79424, USA Lubbock Texas 79424 USA
5121 69th Street Building B, Lubbock, TX 79424, USA Lubbock Texas 79424 USA








Phone number:
+1 806-773-1124

5121 69th Street Building B, Lubbock, TX 79424, USA

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Hernandez Repair And Maintenanc is a Painter based in Lubbock, Texas state. The adress is 5121 69th Street Building B, Lubbock, TX 79424, USA

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Real customer reviews about Hernandez Repair And Maintenanc



My brick house needed a lot of mortar repair, so I called around to compare prices for fixing it. Hernandez Repair and Maintenance gave me a quote for the job of fixing all mortar problems and putting a sealant over the whole thing that beat all other quotes by at least several hundred dollars. I have not hired any other brick or repair contractors in Lubbock so I cannot compare service quality, but I am concerned that the lower price may be reflective of their work quality. (Not to say that the two people I spoke with, Juan and Chris Hernandez, were not nice people). But there was a lot of miscommunication concerning work times and the job itself (especially after I paid).



Positive and pleasant experience dealing with Juan Hernandez. Consider him to be very professional. About 8 months back looked into the cost of extending our back patio. Got estimates with 4 companies including Hernandez Repair & Maintenance. Was impressed with Juan and what he had to offer. He discussed what we wanted done and made some suggestions and showed us samples of his work with stamping and staining and other work he could do. Went with his company and stuck with straight concrete. He said the job would take 2 days, one for digging out the dirt and one for pouring the concrete, but because we watered the hard ground for 2 days prior they were able to get it all done in 1. Crew came and cleaned everything up the next day. Very pleased with the whole experience. Referred him to a couple of my neighbors as well.



I made the mistake of paying for the job on the day it was supposed to be finished, but before it actually was. It took them five days to do a supposed one and half day job. I guess once they get their money from a customer it does not matter if they have not actually earned it by finishing the job, they can then ignore the customer and leave them with rushed and unfinished work, blowing them off for their next victim.



I was told that Juan would come finish sealing the rest of the house the next morning. This time I was not told a specific time. Of course he had not shown up by 9am. I walked around the house and found another spot that was missed. I called and he actually answered the phone this time, seeming annoyed. I told him that Chris said he would come finish the sealing. He seemed surprised by this information, and tried to tell me that the job just included sealing the parts they fixed. I said no, part of the job was sealing the whole house. He paused a minute, and said he would be there eventually but gave me no particular time. Right before going back in the house I found a screw they dropped from their vehicle in my driveway. Good thing I found it before it ended up in my car or motorcycle tire. What makes things worse is they put a sign advertising their company in my front yard.



After washing the house the first day, Juan told me that someone would be there at 7am the next day to begin work. I think they showed up around 8:30am. It had rained the night before, so I thought maybe that had something to do with it, no big deal. I was told the job would last the whole day, but then that it would be done by 3:30pm. That sounded good to me. But as it happens, I arrived back home at 3:30pm to find them already gone, and the job not finished. Upon inspection I found that several areas had not been fixed at all, and I could not tell if anything had been sealed or not. It seemed to me that they rushed through. I called Juan and he came over later in the day to take a look, claiming that one of their sons who was working on it had just missed those areas. He told me he would be back at 9am the next morning to finish the job.



I needed some patio work done and it was done very efficiently. The workers were productive and helpful. I'm really satisfied!



One final thing. If they say they will match the mortar to your house they are probably lying. Because they told me they would do that, and they did not.



Hernandez Repair and Maintenance did a HORRIBLE job on my privacy fence! Angel was sent out to my home from Hernandez Repair and Maintenance from Lubbock, TX to replace my side privacy fence which was blown down with wind damage. Angel wanted me to help him go get the fencing supplies at Home Depot while I was having a Garage Sale and shut down my Garage Sale. Angel didn't even dig new holes for the metal posts and spliced the 2x4's on the back which is on my neighbor's property line so I wouldn't see his PATHETIC WORK! He also DID NOT cap the metal poles. This was by far the absolute WORST fence repair I have ever received in my life. I spent almost to $2,000 for this HORRIBLE and PATHETIC work! I NEVER received an invoice to submit to Allstate Insurance Company so they can update my repair in their computer system. Angel told me to get CASH ONLY and I asked him to print me off an invoice and he NEVER did this. The next contract company which I hired to replace my back privacy fence pointed out all the flaws in his workmanship. They showed me how weak the fence was and the 2 gentleman push up against the fence to show me how it moves back and forth. They also pointed out that Angel spliced the 2x4's on the backside of my fence and NEVER dug new post holes like he should have. I had no way to track his work because I was managing a Garage Sale while he was doing the work and he SCAMMED me. Also my father called Hernandez Repair and Maintenance to complain as well and they actually paid for the replacement of the caps and rework of the area of my privacy fence that was very weak and wobbly. I am still not satisfied with what I paid for because the 2nd Contractors that pointed out all the flaws did an exceptional job on my back privacy fence and it is solid! They tore out all the old wooden posts and put new concrete around each post. My side privacy fence that Hernandez Repair and Maintenance replace is still wobbly and weak and when the wind blows it moves back and forth unlike my back privacy fence. If Hernandez Repair and Maintenance wants to make this repair right and rework everything at no cost, I am willing to let a new team come out and fix all the flaws from Angel's work. If they are not willing to do this, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to complain about this company and the quality of workmanship on my privacy fence. I will be calling Hernandez Repair and Maintenance to give them an opportunity to fix my fence and final ultimatum. Originally when I told the Supervisor of Hernandez Repair and Maintenance that I was unsatisfied with the work Angel performed he said he is going to have to monitor Angel's work from now on and didn't give me me very good customer service. He called me immediately and said he would complain if I called the BBB because it would be detrimental to his business and damage his company and his reputation. I could care less if this damages the reputation of his company when I pay someone almost $2,000 for POOR work and poor QUALITY of work! I will NEVER use this company again EVER! I am very unsatisfied with the work that was performed and I just spoke to the Manager on the phone and gave him 1 opportunity to come out and fix all the screw ups and I told him that he has one opportunity to come out and fix this problem or I will be contacting the BBB. The supervisor actually told me that my call was recorded and he can't record my call without telling me first and can't record my call without my consent and permission first and foremost. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB on 2/24/2017. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY IN THE FUTURE! THEY ARE WORTHLESS AND I AM STILL VERY UPSET!



I'm very pleased with the work of Juan and his team. They provided good service at a competitive rate. Hernandez Repair and Maintenance patched and painted a large hole on an interior wall, replaced/sanded and painted my home's trim, sanded and painted the detached garage, and pressure washed the vinyl siding. They were very receptive to feedback, and were willing to quickly address a few minor items I noted when they were approaching project completion. I've supplied a photo showing the drastic improvement their work provided.



Not a good experience. I would not recommend.



I was standing outside waiting at 9am the next morning, finding more areas that had been missed, when by 9:15am he still was not there. I called, no answer. Left a message. Never heard back. Called again at 9:30am, no answer. Finally, around 10:30am, his brother Chris showed up. I showed him the areas and he said he would get the job done, yet he had not brought any sealer with him. I went back in the house thinking he would quickly fix the areas I showed him, then go get the sealer and it would all be done so I could continue on with what I had planned for the day. Nope. He immediately left, and did not show back up for an hour. It did not take long for him to finish repairing the rest of the mortar, but once he was done I found out that they had not sealed much of the back of the house, and about half of one side (according to Chris), because they ran out of sealant. (Something Juan failed to mention the day before).

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